Scattering Options

As more people choose cremation, scattering the deceased’s cremated remains has become a popular means of honoring the death of a loved one. A number of commercial companies now offer scattering services, ranging from the more conventional air and sea scatterings to creative, non-traditional scattering methods. However, simply because people are now incorporating scattering into their final arrangements does not necessarily mean it is the right choice for you. While you might love the idea of having your cremated remains permanently reside in a place that is dear to you, there are several things that you should consider before requesting that your family and friends scatter your cremated remains.

Things to consider...

First, you should keep in mind that there may be state or city laws prohibiting remains from being scattered at a desired location. You may think that a particular lake, ocean, or golf course is ideal, but ask us for details and we can help you determine what restrictions apply to the area you are considering.

A potential drawback to consider is that by scattering your cremated remains, your family and friends will be giving up the last tangible part of you they have left. This could prove difficult for them, because for many people, visiting a cemetery or viewing a burial urn containing cremated remains can be therapeutic and essential in overcoming the sense of loss accompanying a loved one’s death. As such, it is possible that your decision to have your cremated remains scattered will be met with some resistance.

Also, those choosing to scatter often do not realize the value of an urn (particularly a scattering urn) in which to keep the cremated remains until the ceremony. Unlike with burial, the actual process of scattering is often delayed until those responsible for carrying out the final arrangements are able to gather when the weather is cooperative.

Whatever you decide, the important thing to remember is you do not have to limit your decision to one choice. Many families choose to bury some of the cremated remains to have a place to visit, scatter some to honor their loved one’s wishes, and keep a portion in a keepsake urn at home or in a piece of jewelry they wear every day. This might be a perfect solution to satisfy your family and still have your wishes honored.